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Prehysteria by the Great Mark Hallett

Gouache painting by the great Mark Hallett who I somehow conned into helping me sell the movie! From a sketch I did.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dino Revo N0-Show

Another unfinished story (placodus, mixosaurus and nothosaurus were to be featured at one early point)- and to those who have asked,sorry but I have no info of any kind on the formal release of the show. Nobody seems to know, or if they do, they ain't sharing it yet.

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One of my non-Books

Was going to make a limited edition and do a piece of original art in each copy (like maybe 25-50 copies). This a hardcover prototype. Would have cost a lot to make and probably not sell worth a damn- but the one I had made is very cool. At least I have ONE copy of the thing on the shelf.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kirby Refurbished

Captain America 193 had a cover where John Romita re-drew Jack Kirby's Captain America face- which always bugged me! I re-did the face using Kirby's original pencils as a guide. Not a masterpiece by any means (on my part I mean) but it's kinda cool and much closer to what Jack actually drew. One of those things I think "I should do this sometime just... because!" And today happened to be the day!

Monster Thursday!

It's Monster Thursday! Please enjoy today's monster!

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Even if you ARE crazy they can still be out to get you!

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The Great Trek

A drawing I never quite liked/finished, but what the hell... from an older movie project.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MIST Opportunity

So, working on The Mist, for which I did the storyboards, I was also supposed to get to do some creature designs. This never happened for some reason... Frank??? Anyway if you know me at all I can't resist drawing a monster so here is a quick rough thing I did for the spiders... which I never even showed anyone. People like to keep you in the box they found you in I guess.


Christmas, holidays, whatever!


NOT from the show.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fermentation's Been Around,,,

Read from top down, column by column... this is just the first idea and the intro to what would have been a very funny story. Some will hate it, some will not- what else is new? :) Oh, that's an acrocanthosaurus reacting to the singing at the end... NOTE: We sometimes drew the kinds of animals we wanted to feature at the initial storyboard stage and would adjust the specific types as necessary if the science turned out that the animals we picked were not good matches, time and place-wise. Hence the iguanodons may have changed into a specific american type that worked with acro, or the acro might have become a different theropod which would work with a european iguanodon. Also the anatomy at this level was always rough and often the actual models had not been created so there was nothing show-specific to go on. Remember a storyboard is just to work out the plot and staging, not to be taken at all literally in terms of morphology.

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Ricardo Delgado- Something About A Friend

I have known Ricardo for over 25 years and he's a great pal and a great artist. The highest compliment I can pay another artist is to look at something they did and think "damn! I wish I thought of that!" And Ricardo gives me that opportunity with annoying frequency!
His Age of Reptiles books from Dark Horse are well known international successes and done sans captions and dialog- of course I always tease him that this is because he couldn't think of anything to say! And we laugh!
But he has plenty to say and does many other things which many of you probably know and if not you should- so look him up! I am too lazy to detail the man's accomplishments because there are too damn many! But for right here and right now, I wanted to present a beautiful piece he did for me shortly after we met at DIC studios in LA many years agone. I was the Art Director on their Ghostbusters show for one season and Ricardo was working fresh out of college on his first professional animation gig and, once I saw his work, I would freelance stuff to him within the company whenever I could. This piece is from one of those shows, and the first one he did at my request. Beauty, eh? The second is a wonderful drawing he did for me in my copy of his fist Age of Reptiles collection - a great spontaneous sketch which nobody has really seen. Until now! Enjoy- and long live Ricardo Delgado!

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Almost a kit...

I designed and pitched this to Dark Horse. They said "yes", my incredible wife, Andrea, sculpted it, Gentle Giant made the molds... I got a couple and put them together and painted them... and it got shot down in the Dark Horse costing process!
The Thing model, based on the description from John W. Campbell's original story WHO GOES THERE? on which the movies were based, DID make it through though (as the "Space Thing") and that can be still had from Dark Horse. It's VERY cool too but DAMN I wish we made the Cthulhu!

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Our Fearfathers

Long story but this will be part of a dedication thing...

Movie Legend Cartoons

Did this last night/this AM along with a coupla others. May put those on later! Was fun cartooning Bela, did it without referece FWIW.

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Images from a Dino Video Game Thing That Never Happened...

This project went belly up long before it even got ON the launching pad. But hey, I got paid to draw dinosaurs for a while, so who cares? Dinosaur Revolution, or whatever it will ultimately be known as when the feature comes out, is for me THE GREAT dinosaur thing I've been involved with, and although we "creative types" see the same flaws in parts of it that everyone else sees (and we know the reasons they are there which not everybody else does) I honestly believe that what is good stands out for me as the best dinosaur stuff done so far, bar none. And have you EVER seen better looking dinosaurs anywhere than ours? Not me!

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Couple O'Doodles

Watching all the DINO REVO stuff got me in the mood to sketch out some dino stuff. As you see!

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I GOT A MILLION OF 'EM. No, really. A million...

Ideas that went nowhere that is! Oh well.


Here are Don Mancini and Corey Sienega, Writer-Director and Producer of SEED OF CHUCKY with my storyboards in our Romanian offices!