Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unseen Hallett Dinosaurs! Exclusive!

A lot of artwork gets generated for "the movies" and is never really seen by anyone outside the immediate production. Even with all the books that are coming out, and have come out, there is still a ton of great "unseen" art. I worked on the Disney movie called DINOSAUR a couple of times, once when it was to be directed by animator David Allen. Mark Hallett was hired to do some work (and hired again later when the movie become CG, and not stop-motion but that's another story!) Mark let me see this wonderful painting he did for David Allen, and God knows what became of it, but I thought it should be shared with the world, so here it is; an unseen dino-masterpiece by a modern master of paleo-art!

See, it's not always about me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Capitol Hell The Movie

The animated piece done for Capitol Hell to promote the book! The "minor key" version of the Star Strangled Banana was recorded at the home of genius animation veteran, Art Vitello who played keyboards and helped provide sound effects. Long may he wave! I used Adobe After Effects to animate. Harryhausen fans will recognize Talos' body on the Avenging George at the end.