Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ricardo Delgado- Something About A Friend

I have known Ricardo for over 25 years and he's a great pal and a great artist. The highest compliment I can pay another artist is to look at something they did and think "damn! I wish I thought of that!" And Ricardo gives me that opportunity with annoying frequency!
His Age of Reptiles books from Dark Horse are well known international successes and done sans captions and dialog- of course I always tease him that this is because he couldn't think of anything to say! And we laugh!
But he has plenty to say and does many other things which many of you probably know and if not you should- so look him up! I am too lazy to detail the man's accomplishments because there are too damn many! But for right here and right now, I wanted to present a beautiful piece he did for me shortly after we met at DIC studios in LA many years agone. I was the Art Director on their Ghostbusters show for one season and Ricardo was working fresh out of college on his first professional animation gig and, once I saw his work, I would freelance stuff to him within the company whenever I could. This piece is from one of those shows, and the first one he did at my request. Beauty, eh? The second is a wonderful drawing he did for me in my copy of his fist Age of Reptiles collection - a great spontaneous sketch which nobody has really seen. Until now! Enjoy- and long live Ricardo Delgado!

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Derrick said...

I have his Age of Reptiles Omnibus Vol. 1 on my christmas list this year because of you. And if I don't get it I will certainly buy it myself soon after. :)