Friday, December 18, 2009

Bernie Rides Again for a Creepy Christmas - Dark Horse Style!

I got this Christmas card from Dark Horse last week and was delighted to see this new Bernie Wrightson drawing of Uncle Creepy. I hope nobody minds my sharing it. Of course I claim no copyright etc but just thought people should see this cool art! Don't know what kind of circulation this may have--- but I think it should have plenty!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Storyboards 101 Freddy Style

The second movie (after VAMP and not counting America 3000)I storyboarded was NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET III DREAM WARRIORS... you think that's a long enough title???
In those days New Line was a very small company and everyone was accessable. I was really interested in the effects and makeup and so forth so I visited the effects guys and spent time on set watching them shoot. It was great fun showing Robert Englund the boards as you can see here. That's a red-haired Pete there sketching
Robert. Hope theses behind the scenes things are of some interest.