Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hero of the Month!

This guy. Is it because he's a brilliant spreaker with a quick mind and ace vocabulary? Not hardly. Is it because I admire him deeply as a member of our government? Nope. Is it because, oh hell I'll tell you what it's because! Because it's high time somebody treated the outrageous stupidity shown by the Refuglicans with some of their own style of bullshit. The party of hypocrisy is all upset because this guy said some shit they didn't like. And he said it in a way similar to they way THEY say that kind of crap. Phony outrage again.

For eight years I had to put up with a government I was horrified and ashamed of. I didn't put on a silly hat and wave teabags, I didn't make a sign with Bush sporting a Hitler moustache... I didn't spend all my time and energy railing about those criminals and their stolen elections.

Here's a little message for the sore loser party: Y0u lost. Suck it up. Work at the job you are SUPPOSED to be doing and fix things in this country. Get together and work honestly for the good of the people. Or at least shut the hell UP for five seconds and let a good president have a chance to undo some of the horrible harm you and your party did to America.

And how come every time I see some stupid republican bitching and whining they are from
the South or the Midwest. I swear EVERY time I hear some incredibly stupid crap it's the guy from Georgia, one of the Carolinas, Kentucky, Texas etc. ? What's up with that?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Tellin' Ya!

Soupy and Mel one more time!

Mel and Soupy

Getting closer together all the time.