Thursday, November 24, 2011

MIST Opportunity

So, working on The Mist, for which I did the storyboards, I was also supposed to get to do some creature designs. This never happened for some reason... Frank??? Anyway if you know me at all I can't resist drawing a monster so here is a quick rough thing I did for the spiders... which I never even showed anyone. People like to keep you in the box they found you in I guess.


Derrick said...

How awesome! And that's cool that you did storyboards for the film! I personally thought that film was great and still can't decide if I like watching it in color or black and white (as both versions are available on the DVD set). Love your unused design, would have fit in the film nicely!

pete said...

Thanks as always, Derrick! If you look at my website ( there are some MIST storyboards posted.