Friday, December 16, 2011

Dino Revo N0-Show

Another unfinished story (placodus, mixosaurus and nothosaurus were to be featured at one early point)- and to those who have asked,sorry but I have no info of any kind on the formal release of the show. Nobody seems to know, or if they do, they ain't sharing it yet.


Derrick said...

It's a shame Discovery is keeping you in the dark, and hence, keeping everyone in the dark. It went from being good news to "is it even going to happen at all now" kind of news. I especially feel sorry for those that pre-ordered it originally (did it even charge them?). That being said, it's nice to see you still posting images of segments that were not meant to be (but some still might be someday perhaps!). :)

Chris said...

I asked just recently about the dvd release on FB and they said you were handling a version of it ?