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My Grandma's House

We used to stay here sometimes when I was little- and I had to stay on the dreaded haunted third floor which was mostly rooms nobody ever went in. They were filled with old draped furniture and who knows what! It was a scary place, Grandma's old house... in Flushing, Long Island. Long demolished, which might be a good thing. Looks very cool now to me though... strange.

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Pete Who???

Please note: I have NOTHING to do with Dinosaur Revolution - for ages!- Or with any release on DVD, blu ray or otherwise. I don't know where the idea came from but evidently people think I am involved. Sorry but that would be the day! Nobody gives a hang what I think about the show or how they should assemble it for release. I have been disconnected from the production since my last storyboard work. Still hope the feature version will be great though!

Albino Dino

Kind of an aborted "ugly duckling" story from the cluttered cutting room floor!

Work In Progress

A zombie border sketch. Stay tuned for update!

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What Beaky Was Going to See...

From the anhanguera sequence in Dino Revo. Oh well...!

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I'm Super- Thanks for Asking

Did this for fun while working briefly on the not-produced Tim Burton Superman movie. Somehow somebody got hold of it and posted it as part of some concept art and people went apeshit hating it! Most amusing that they took it so seriously! Anyway here it is and here's the story as I explained to the poster of the pic: "Just FYI the superman "robo-suit" drawing I made was a JOKE! I only worked on the movie for about 2 weeks and mainly drew monsters for Brainiac's intergalactic zoo. I just made a couple superman pix for fun and to relieve the monotony- no idea how or why anybody has begun to take it seriously. A lot of stuff gets generated in the concept art stage, some of it just for fun among the artists. Anyway, everybody relax about that drawing, puh-leeeze!"

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A Great Man Passes: Dan Varner

"Varner, Daniel Wade. Born April 19, 1949, died January 1, 2012 in his home in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Survived by wife Marcia Bell; mother, June Varner; sisters Betsy (Ray) Troyer; Holly Varner Moe; Bonnie (Michael) Zirbes; many beloved nieces and nephews, cousins, and dear friends from the Minneapolis MN area; and friends and colleagues from all over. Dan was a very gifted painter of landscapes and wildlife, but his passion was paleontology and his paintings of prehistoric life hang in museums throughout the country and are published in books and journals on the subject. He was a kind and gentle man with a wonderful wit and will be remembered and missed by all. Donations to the American Cancer Society. Memorial service at a later date." I am still in a bit of a state of shock and totally bummed that my great pal, Dan Varner, is no longer available to chat with and laugh with and share info and pictures and camaraderie. I talked with him at least once a week by phone and exchanged emails for more than ten years. He was a wonderful man and an incredible artist, which you can plainly see. He wrote of the photo of himself: "Thought you might like this to remember me by... It's sometime in the mid-1990's. That's our truck, Daisy, in the backround and we are surrounded by miles of mosasaurs. That's about as happy as this dude ever got! Pass the plaster, please." For Dan was a guy who actually spent time in the field digging up fossils, no armchair paleontologist, who painted in oils with a classic flair. I will miss him so much. Hope his work will be more widely seen and appreciated. He has a lot of paintings at the Oceans of Kansas website and his work adorns the book of that title by Mike Everhart. Go to
More about this great man anon...

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