Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doug Henderson

That's where you can get prints by the greatest modern "paleoartist", the great Doug Henderson! And here is a piece he did a while back which I doubt anyone outside of the insiders on a certain film ever got to see. I just came across a copy of it in my files, and as a rare departure from my shameless self-promotion (hey, it's my blog okay?) I thought it would be an honor and a privilege to bring it to you. Doug is the guy who puts his dinosaurs, fish, mammals and so forth into their worlds for you. He shows you the prehistoric earth, not just the prehistoric animals. His compositions are unequalled and his work in truly in a class of its own. Do yourself a big favor and take a good look at his work, buy a print, buy a book. His art appears in many books including Dawn of the Dinosaurs by Nicholas Fraser, the Czerkas' Dinosaurs, a Global View and his own Dinosaur Tree and Asteroid Impact. He is the greatest modern master of all. Nuff Said!

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