Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Stinking Badge I DO Gotta Show You

So, I storyboarded a bunch of monster movies (praise and thanks to the Elder Gods) and one of them was BRIDE OF
RE-ANIMATOR, the sequel to (duh) RE-ANIMATOR which I thought was one of the great horror films of the last umpteen years, maybe ever... and one of the VERY few that successfully mixed horror and humor. (Another was EVIL DEAD 2 of course.) Anyway, on "Bride" my wife Andrea designed the bride's costume and some sets and we hung around a lot during shooting. I worked on lots of Brian Yuzna movies and always had a great time on them. Jeffrey Combs had this badge that his character wore while working at the "Miskatonic" hospital and I asked if I could have it when the show wrapped. He said "sure" and everyone else who mattered said "sure" and so it is a treasured souvenir... and of course, here it is for your perusal.
I think it's an odd and interesting little piece of horror movie history.

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Elisa said...

Hey Pete,

I sent you an email about this. Would love to talk to you further. Thanks for posting this nifty piece of history! :D