Friday, March 13, 2009

"So Long Ago": A Real Golden Oldie

Here is the seldom seen dust jacket and a couple of choice pages from the book "So Long Ago" which was one of the last (if not THE last) childrens' books written and illustrated by the great and prolific Elmer Boyd Smith. I never saw this book as a child (I think it was first published in 1944 and enjoyed many reprints). One day, several years back, I was at Don Glut's house looking at his vast collection of dinosaur books when I spied a copy and, curious, pulled it out and had a look. I couldn't believe the gorgeous paintings that filled its pages and began looking for a copy of my own shortly thereafter. Finally found one and have seen it since for sale from many booksellers. Just wanted to use this venue to showcase the book and share some images... and maybe you will even want a copy of your own and visit a vintage bookseller and buy one, thus stimulating the economy- as well as your eyeballs! (Once, while looking for the book on the dusty shelves of a long defunct Hollywood bookstore I actually came across a book called "Not So Long Ago". And it wasn't.)


Sherm said...

Absolutely gorgeous work! Thanks for posting those beautiful illustrations

Pete Von Sholly said...

Ain't they great? E. Boyd Smith is well worth looking into- he did LOTS of awesome books.