Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Super- Thanks for Asking

Did this for fun while working briefly on the not-produced Tim Burton Superman movie. Somehow somebody got hold of it and posted it as part of some concept art and people went apeshit hating it! Most amusing that they took it so seriously! Anyway here it is and here's the story as I explained to the poster of the pic: "Just FYI the superman "robo-suit" drawing I made was a JOKE! I only worked on the movie for about 2 weeks and mainly drew monsters for Brainiac's intergalactic zoo. I just made a couple superman pix for fun and to relieve the monotony- no idea how or why anybody has begun to take it seriously. A lot of stuff gets generated in the concept art stage, some of it just for fun among the artists. Anyway, everybody relax about that drawing, puh-leeeze!"


Maurice Mitchell said...

Ridiculous. I read your blog so I knew they were just for fun and found them hilarious. Some people take stuff way too seriously.

pete said...

No doubt! Thanks for the comment and the nice words on your blog, MM! I appreciate both.