Sunday, June 21, 2009


"How does it feel to share your body with an ALIEN life form? "To be TRAPPED with a hideous, unwanted THING? I know... I can tell you. This is my story." So opens the horror tale called THAT from the pages of PETE VON SHOLLY'S MORBID volume 2 DEAD BUT NOT OUT (from Dark Horse- get it now!" It's a kind of 50's paranoid kid-or is he? /alien invasion/ thing. It's weird- Morbid (voume one) sold great and continues to sell but the second book (which is much better in some respects!) lays there like a lox! Here's a link in case I convince you that you need this book for your continued well being and literary wholeness: The story features David Merritt, long time pal and boss of the model shop at Stan Winston's studio (Legacy) as the dad and comics great Mike Vosburg as the teacher.

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Abel Diaz said...

Awesome! It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but with far better monsters. I take it that "That!" is a play on the title "Them!", another classic.