Thursday, February 12, 2009

A long time ago in a theatre far away...

The Star Wars "saga" illustrates the difference between a real master plan, an epic sprawling story which is worked out from the beginning (like Lord of the Rings) and something which has some cool stuff but is really half baked and starts collapsing under the weight of its own inconsistencies over time... same with Raiders etc. Here are some cartoons relating to the Lucas (and might as well throw Spielberg into the mix since he's part of the mess) ouevre.
(How's that french grab ya?) I once asked the late great George Turner (author of The Making of King Kong and editor of American Cinematographer for many years, cartoonist, raconteur (another one!) etc.) how come old movies like King Kong and Gunga Din and all were so great and new movies like Jurassic Park seemed so lame and hollow even when dealing with epic subjects and George replied (Texas drawl please) "Well those OLD boys used to go out in the world on DO shit... these new boys like to sit around in offices...". I miss George! Anyway here are a few cartoons on the subjects(s)! And one for Peter (more is more) Jackson too, speaking of Kong, which I was.

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