Thursday, February 5, 2009

Klaatu Barada --- Ditko!

When assembling the deathless (and highly collectable!) COMIC BOOK NERD magazine for TwoMorrows we decicded to do an article on Charlton- "the comics so lousy they were thrown away by the kids themselves!" Not that they were really all that bad but come on, that's a funny name for an article! Charlton comics were cheaply printed and had spotty distribution and generally did in fact suck... but they had the great Steve Ditko and it became necessary to spoof him along with the rest. So here are the Ditko-esque covers I whipped up for the occasion! They are not good enough to truly pass for Ditkos but hopefully they invoke the right feel and I swear that The Puncuator might almost have been a Ditko creation!

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