Saturday, July 26, 2014

SKELETON CREW by Stephen King

It was a great pleasure to produce over 50 pieces of art for the upcoming SKELETON CREW deluxe anniversary edition for the good folks at PS Publications in Meddie Olde Inkland! The book is due out in May of 2015- along ways off and yet... next thing you know... Time goes fast. (Hint, if you want to slow time down go to Comic-Con in San Diego and try to get from one of the main hall to the other. You will experience a distortion in time wherein what should take minutes takes hours- something unnatural is going on there, especially where the Star Wars people congregate!)
But I digress- Here's the mockup cover for the book- hope you like. Can you identify the various elements and link them with the stories in the book?


Doug Brown said...

Pete--May is too late to have you sign copies at Monsterpalooza! You need to have them accelerate the printing a couple of months!

David Hinchberger said...

Pete, I love the ideas you have for the cover of Skeleton Crew. Looking forward to seeing more of the pieces you've done for the book.

Pete Von Sholly said...

THANKS, men!