Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old Fart Again?

I know, I know, Old Fart talking here... but look at these 2 covers. God help us if you could actually see what was going on like in the old days, right? Not saying that what's going on isn't kind of SILLY, mind you, but at least you can tell what it IS. Now in the new one, of course you can see Wonder Woman's whole ass since her body is twisted just for that reason... but what ever happened to the idea of something called  "composition"??? Criminey... How many characters are in that block of crap above Batman... and what is Batman DOING anyway? And check how Superman is riding on... on... I guess that might be Green Lantern's arm. Where the rest of him is I'm not sure. Also Wonder Woman's head is resting against Superman's back and his fist is tapping that big silver-green guy-thing on the head... Oy. I guess that must be "Super Amazo" with his million made up muscles. Feh.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I hear you Pete. The composition in the first one is much better than the second. "Million made up muscles" LOL

Anonymous said...

you've just put your finger on everything that is wrong with most modern comics art.

obsession with detail and (supposed) "realism" at the expense of well..everything else.

aka sucking at visual communication/art.