Monday, June 6, 2011

Dust Jackets of Doom

I made dust jackets for my Arkham Lovecraft books- not so much because I didn't like what they had but just because I wanted to do them my own way. I chose to feature "The Mound" intead of The Horror from The Museum" because I think it's a much better, more important story, ranking right up there with HPL's best and it's got to be nearly 100% his even though it's billed as a "revision".


4thtroika said...

I like your dinosaur models. Where'd you get them?

Pete Von Sholly said...

Most of those were sculpted for me by a local guy named Mike Jones- they are original one of kind pieces. But they ARE way cool, no?

Korman643 said...

The "Mound" one is great!