Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creature Beach

Here's a cartoon I drew a while back and never had the energy to paint up! To use color, and no hardline edges requires a million decisions which, when there are crowds of people depicted as here, really gets to be a pain in the ass! Here, in the meantime, is the cartoon anyway, in its raw state!


Peter Bond said...

Your stuff here is great, Pete! Really amazing work!

I would love to learn how you you would colour a piece like this. I assume it is mostly digital, but is there ever any traditional mediums involved?

Pete said...

It would be digital. But I do like to print out digital paintings and then work into them with acrylic, colored pencil and so forth. Digital enables me to do a lot of work very fast- and more importantly CHANGE things around as I go. I do love pencil on paper and real paint best though.
And THANK YOU for the kind words!