Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creepy Roll

I did the horror painter self-portrait thing, then did a version where it was Uncle Creepy (I had been given a Creepy reprint volume for christmas and finally got around to looking through it- I bought all those mags new off the stands way back when). In order to try and get Uncle Creepy right I dug out a Jack Davis model sheet of sorts (thee heads) and studied it. It helped make the picture more accurate than had I relied on memory. But it got me going on these sketches just for fun and the first couple I did I thought were not bad- until I sat back and looked at them a while and realized I had not captured that loose angular fun quality unique to Jack Davis- the EC/MAD artist who I think tends to be under-appreciated in favor of Drucker and Wood and Elder and Ingels and so on... and had another whack where I think I got better results. Check 'em out.

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