Monday, March 29, 2010

Town Hall Face

A sketch for a cartoon. Perspective is screwy, I know. But there's something about the first sketch of something that has a life one can never quite preserve as the drawing gets refined, step by step. I always feel that the drawing, whatever its merits or lack thereof, is the real heart and soul of the thing as pencil meets blank paper. But maybe that's just me!
I remember working at Marvel Animation years ago and there was a guy, Floro Dery, who draw the Spiderman newspaper strip and he would bring in the pencils which were just gorgeous, then he would ink them and although they were still slick and professional etc they lost something. I tactfully asked Floro why that seemed to be the case and he said if you look close at pencil lines they are rough and they break up and that is pleasing to the eye whereas the ink line is all or nothing, and that was the difference. Maybe so. Antway the sketch is where it starts and I always love pencil on paper best.