Thursday, October 1, 2009

CHARLES R. KNIGHT The GrandMaster of Nature Artists In NEW BOOK!

My longtime pal, Richard Milner, is authoring the definitive book on the immortal Charles Knight, perhaps the greatest animal artist of all time. He is being ably assisted by the fantastic Dan Varner, a great artist in the classical tradition in his own right and an authority on Knight! (Look up the "Oceans of Kansas" book and'or website for a selection of Dan's wonderful work.)

The Knight book is a year or so away and will be published by Harry Abrams. More will be revealed here as it develops. I know Richard and Dan have uncovered an astounding trove of unseen art and information and this book will be a true landmark achievement, showcasing Knight's sculpture as well as his paintings.
Meanwhile here is Mister Knight's rendition of an adult male gorilla skull, as yet unpublished (until right now!).

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